GetKey 3.0

September 12th, 2009 by Dev Team in Our Tools, windows

GetKey 3.0 easily recovers Windows and Microsoft Office Product Keys. It also can recover the keys from a slaved/offline drive or run from a WindowsPE CD,such as BartsPE or Hiren’s BootDisk! It even decodes what type of Windows is installed on the offline drive by decoding the Microsoft Product Code and Channel ID, so if you have you’re a tech working on a dead system you can grab the right Windows CD to install. GetKey is written in pure assembly language, it’s fully portable and is only 14kb in size .


Software Requirements

  • Processor: Pentium class or equivalent processor
  • RAM: 64MB RAM recommended
  • Hard Disk: 14kb free hard disk space
  • Supported Operating System: Windows 98/ME/NT/2000/2003/XP/Vista/Win7 *32bit only!

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Logon Windows7 Automatically

July 26th, 2009 by Dev Team in windows


Windows 7 Auto Login/Logon was disabled by default. To log on Windows 7 automatically, you can easily configure it even though you are not a computer expert. Continue for the steps:

SAM and Syskey

July 12th, 2009 by Dev Team in Uncategorized

Many people wonder how their password is obtained from the SAM in Windows. Push The Red Button has an excellent in-depth article on how your password is encrypted and decrypted into a LanMan hash and a NT hash and stored in the SAM.

Spunlock BIOS Cracking Services

April 29th, 2009 by Dev Team in BIOS, Privilege Escalation

Over this past week I had a job come in the shop of a Sony Vaio laptop that had a bad motherboard. I had searched on Ebay for a cheap buy and settled on someone who had the same motherboard for about $100 less than anyone else. When I received the motherboard I promptly installed it , upon powering it up I was faced with a password prompt. Dammit! The motherboard had a BIOS password that wasn’t mentioned in the auction. Now being that I know most known methods for bypassing BIOS passwords, Sony has no known method of removing the password. I talked to a few friends and was forwarded to .

I was a bit weary at first about paying for a service , but the customer needed their laptop back that day to go on a trip. So getting the customer’s O.K. I purchased the BIOS cracking service.In order to get the correct challenge response BIOS code for most laptops you needs to enter the password incorrectly 3 times, after the third time , the BIOs should spit back a challenge code, this is what they need in order to crack the code.

After sending the payment and challenge code,much to my amazement 1 1/2 hours later I was opening an email with my code to remove the BIOS password. I punched it in and I was now watching Windows starting up. Spunlock has BIOS cracking support for many laptop brands like Dell,Fujitsu,Sony (of course) and more. So for you Techs and others who got burned on ebay, or people who simply forgot their password , give them a shot, you have nothing to lose, Don’t forget to mention in your email to them 🙂


Vbootkit 2.0

April 25th, 2009 by Dev Team in News, Privilege Escalation

Like Kon-boot we talked about in our last post VBootkit 2.0 is an updated code from 2007 that hasnt hit the internet yet , but is pretty much the same idea, modify the bootmgr and you essentially can modify the security checks on the fly to let you do anything you wanted on the system as any user without knowing the password. Read more from there authors site ::HERE::

VBootkit 2.0 is a follow-up to earlier work that Kumar and Kumar have done on vulnerabilities contained in the Windows boot process. In 2007, Kumar and Kumar demonstrated an earlier version of VBootkit for Windows Vista at the Black Hat Europe conference.

The latest version of VBootkit includes the ability to remotely control the victim’s computer. In addition, the software allows an attacker to increase their user privileges to system level, the highest possible level. The software can also able remove a user’s password, giving an attacker access to all of their files. Afterwards, VBootkit 2.0 restores the original password, ensuring that the attack will go undetected.

Bypass Windows Logon Password

April 23rd, 2009 by Dev Team in Privilege Escalation, windows

Accessing a Windows computer without knowing the password is fairly simple with this free tool called Kon-Boot .There are alternatives like Ophcrack etc, but those rely on grabbing the SAM hashes and cracking those. What sets Kon-Boot apart is that is modifies the kernel on-the-fly while booting (everything is done virtually – without any interferences with physical system changes) and allows you to log into any account without entering a password. All you have to do is insert a boot (cd or floppy) disk burned with Kon-boot software(110kb) in to the computer and boot up.

GetKey 1.0

March 27th, 2009 by Dev Team in Our Tools, windows

Added GetKey 1.0 to the freeware section, it retrieves your Product Key (cd key) used to install Windows. For Windows 95, 98, ME, 2000, XP, Vista, Server 2003, Server 2008

Dumping Physical Memory to extract SAM Hashes

March 21st, 2009 by admin in Password Info, Privilege Escalation, windows

Tools Needed : MDD pyCrypto Volatility 1.3 Beta Volatility Plugin from Moyix ManTech Memory DD (MDD) ( is released under GPL by Mantech International. MDD is capable of copying the complete contents of memory on the following Microsoft Operating Systems: Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows 2003 Server, Windows 2008 Server. After downloading MDD from the Mantech site you need to run (more…)

Resetting Dell BIOS with a paperclip

March 18th, 2009 by admin in BIOS, Password Info, Privilege Escalation

Here’s a .pdf by Fastback68 which appears to to compiled from qasimtoep’s old website explaining how to reset a Dell BIOS password using a paperclip.The laptop that was used in this demonstration is a Model 630 type PPX.

There are a lot of people who have a dell or similar laptop that they are not able to use because of a special password chip that can’t be cleared by resetting the CMOS using software or by removing the battery. (more…)

L0phtCrack 6

March 1st, 2009 by Dev Team in Password Info, windows

L0phtCrack is back! At a special information session at SOURCE Boston (Thursday, 10:15am), the team that brought you L0phtCrack will be releasing version 6 of the highly-acclaimed Windows password auditing tool. Come to the session to learn about this release, its new features and platform support, and the story of the product from the days of the L0pht, to @stake, Symantec, and finally back to the L0pht.

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