Should I change My Password

September 5th, 2011 by admin in Life, News

Recently, hackers hacked into the databases of various public and private organizations (Sony, MySpace, Gawker, PBS, etc) and released millions of user accounts along with associated emails and passwords. Since there are a number of different databases, it is not really viable to check them on your own and see if your account was also leaked.

Should I Change My Password is a useful website that was created to help you easily check if your account was among those released to the public by hackers. The site uses databases released by hackers to check and match your email against the records in those databases. Simply enter your email and click “Check it!”.

If your email is found among the records, you should immediately change your password to protect your account.



  • Checks if your password was compromised in recent hacker attacks (in 2011).
  • Uses a number of databases released by hackers to the public.
  • Your emails and passwords are not stored in their database.
  • List of compromised databases posted on the website. See “Sources” at the bottom.
  • Free, no registration needed. Simply enter your email address to search the records.

Check out ShouldIChangeMyPassword @ (via Lifehacker)

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