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August 30th, 2010 by admin in Uncategorized

The Password Exploitation Class was put on as a charity event for the Matthew Shoemaker Memorial Fund . The speakers were Dakykilla, Purehate_ and Irongeek.

Lots of password finding and crack topics were covered. Hashcat, OCLHashcat, Cain, SAMDump2, Nir’s Password Recovery Tools, Password Renew, Backtrack 4 R1, UBCD4Win and much more.

Part 1: Topics include: Why exploit local passwords?, Scenario:Imaged Systems, Grabbing local passwords, Hash Examples, Great Resources, Platforms Used: Ubuntu, Backtrack, UBCD4Win, Windows Profile, Windows System Trifecta, Anti-Virus Pains, Getting an account/changing an account password, hash insertion, Sala’s Password Renew, Keyloggers, Boot CD demos, SAMDump2, Browser Passwords, IE, Firefox Etc., PSPV, PasswordFox, IE Passview, ChromePass, RDP and VNC password grabbing, Instant Messaging, Stupid Web Apps rant, AOA: Any Old Asterisks (stuff hidden by Asterisks), Network Shares stored passwords, Outlook PST password cracking and hash collision example, Wireless profile passwords, WirelessKeyView, Sniffing them off the wire with Wireshard and Cain.
Download Class 1

Part 2: The best single video out there for showing Hashcat and OCLHashcat. Lots of info about using Hashcat/OCLHashcat, its advantages, and the power of a video card to boost cracking speed.
Download Class 2

Part 3: Windows LM and NTLM hash cracking, Time Memory Tradeoffs, SAM Cracking Prevention, Linux/Unix passwd and shadow files, Parts of a *nix hash, Windows Cached Domain Credentials, Problems with Windows 7, Cracking Creds Countered, Finding where Unknown Apps store passwords, System Process Monitoring, RegFromApp, ProcessActivityView, Procmon (Process Monitor), finding the hash type, Other Weird Vectors, Inverse Bruteforce, Look in the logs for passwords, upcoming events.
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