Crack Me If You Can – DEFCON 2010

June 18th, 2010 by admin in cracking, Life

At Defcon 2010 on Thursday, at a specified time, KoreLogic will release a file containing 53,000 password hashes. The file will contain passwords of varying types (such as SHA, SSHA, MD5, DES, Lanman, NTLM, etc.) and will range from being “easy” to extremely difficult to crack. The password file is not simply 53,000 randomly generated passwords which would favor the person or group with the most GPU/CPU bruteforcing horsepower. Instead, the password file contains passwords based on what we believe are challenging patterns. Passwords will be of varying lengths, patterns, and complexity. Creative password cracking techniques, rules, dictionaries, and tools will be needed. The teams who are smart about the methods they use (i.e., teams who can crack more, with less work) will most likely be the most successful.

KoreLogic will be giving away the following prizes for first, second, and third place:

  • First Place: $600 (or equivalent item)
  • Second Place: $300 (or equivalent item)
  • Third Place: $100 (or equivalent item)

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