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TechTools 3.0

February 27th, 2010 by Dev Team in Our Tools

It’s here ,it’s here!
Finished the third edition of our TechTools compilation and its ready for download :)

What is it? : TechTools is for techs and people who work on computers everyday,
and need updated programs to keep with them on their usb key.

Tech Tools uses Ketarin, which is an application downloader that
checks to see if an application has been updated and downloads it if so.
The genius in this tool is that we dont have to have you download all these
tools at one time from our website, you’re going to be downloading each file
individually from the app’s website. This helps with our bandwidth costs and
some authors of the applications, while freeware, wanted the only download of
their software to be at their own sites.

The result is a pretty menu with a crapload of tools for you to use on-site, and a very easy way to keep all of these tools up to date. :D

I’ve compiled a list of apps that meet this simple criteria:
1. portable (no crappy installing) although we included some installs for great apps
2. free (dont have to worry about distributing & licensing issues)
3. the app works with no issues
4. useful

Download TechTools 3.0

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