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Kon-Boot Updated for macOS Sierra

September 27th, 2016 by admin in Apple, Privilege Escalation


Kon-Boot has updated to support macOS Sierra systems, allowing you to login into the system without knowing the previous passwords/user names. By virtually modifying the EFI bios and then modifying parts of the kernel. The changes are only made in virtual memory and they disappear after reboot. Kon-Boot allows you to either login into selected account without knowing the password (bypass mode) or it will create new “root” account for you (new-account mode) from which you will be able to change other users passwords as needed.

You can purchase the license here:

Or get the 2in1 version which allows you to bypass Windows XP through 10 passwords as well:

As a RepairTechnician or Penetration Tester this product is well worth the money for the time you save.

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